Safety First


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    What is Safety Culture? "Safety Culture is the underlining shared values, beliefs and habitual working practices that influence health and safety performance within our company", said Carousel's In-house Safety Director

    Carousel's (a lead safety certified firm) supervisors, top foremen and labor force have successfully completed numerous safety instruction courses such as, but not limited to, Safe Operation and Application of Suspended Access Equipment, Fall Prevention, Ladder Safety, Occupational Safety and Health Training Course (OSHA, Act of 1970 (OSH Act) in construction. We are diligent in Competent Person training, and Weekly Toolbox Meetings. Carousel has an in-house Safety Director, which provides our employees with the latest safety updates, continuing education classes, certifications and licenses for all Carousel construction job sites.

    " It's all about understanding the importance of safety on a construction job site. We have caring  indiviuals on our team  who are taught to idenfity the hazards on site and engineer them out. Remember,  safety is everyone's job", said Carousel's Safety Director